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ANNAMARIAANGELIKA draws inspiration from the prehistoric traditions of South America, which bring diversity, colour and vitality to each of AMA’s outfits. And so, Cusco, the city in the heart of the Andean highlands, is an important source of inspiration. You might even call it the centre of the colourful world of ANNAMARIAANGELIKA.

Actually, a current translation of “Cusco” is “Navel of the Earth”.



If you want to find out the latest first-hand stories about Cusco and its surroundings, ANNAMARIAANGELIKA is the place to come to. AMA designer Julia is regularly drawn there. Apart from her great love of this place, quite a few pieces of the AMA collection, such as the XXL Scarves and some of the beanies, are made here by our dedicated knitters.

Being at an altitude of 3,400 metres above sea level, travelling to Cusco is not for the fainthearted or those of a nervous disposition. Altitude sickness can affect even the locals. Hiking, and even a relaxed city stroll, can turn into a trial due to the low concentration of oxygen in the air. On one hike during Julia’s first visit to Peru in 2012, she had to stop every 10 seconds to breathe and allow her muscles to be resupplied with oxygen.

Once acclimatised, anyone setting out to explore the surroundings will be more than rewarded for their troubles. With a little luck, you can experience one of the colourful festivals. Be it a carnival or school fete, in Cusco celebrations always involve elaborate costumes and extensive processions. It is not surprising that our sweater “Cuzco” is one of our most coveted AMA pieces. After all, its design was inspired by a colourful school festival.


The same is true for the salt ponds of Maras, the highest salt farm in the world, which served as inspiration for the Maras collection. Thousands of salt ponds are lined up here, side-by-side along the steep mountain slopes. They are an amazing wonder from times long past that continues to be used to this day. The salt extracted by the salt workers has a very mild taste and has become an integral part of Julia’s cooking. For every piece from the AMA Maras collection we will also provide you with a small bag of salt.

Want more exciting stories and valuable insider tips? Just have a seat on one of the many benches in the Plaza de Armas in Cusco. In no time at all you will get to chatting about this and that with locals and tourists alike. At ANNAMARIAANGELIKA, we like to describe Cusco as the epitome of abundance – the city is almost endless in its diversity, vastness, energy and delicious food.


ANNAMARIAANGELIKA’s slow fashion philosophy

We select the finest materials, so you can enjoy them for years to come. We grant our skilled knitters in Peru good working conditions and the necessary time to produce fashion of exceptional quality. No rush, no chasing of short-lived trends. We love what we do. And we celebrate it all: the people, the places and the many inspiring moments that bring our colourful designs to life.

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