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ANNAMAARIAANGELIKA is passionately dedicated to the slow fashion philosophy. One reason for this is the intrinsic vision of our AMA founder Julia. On the one hand, she believes in fashion that takes responsibility for and is aware of its possible impact on people and the natural environment. On the other hand, the part of South America where ANNAMAARIAANGELIKA’s raw materials and products come from is imposing its very own pace on the production processes. In the end it is the Peruvian landscape and the alpacas that live in it that dictate how fast things are moving.

And so, here at AMA, materials, design and above all, the knitters, are allowed to take the time they need. What we do is not about quantity, but about quality, longevity and attention to detail.

ANNAMARIAANGELIKA takes the time and pleasure in telling stories about real people, real encounters, values and traditions that bring more colour into the world.



What characterises ANNAMRIAANGELIKA’s premium knitwear is the confluence of sustainability, lifestyle and design, while playfully creating a unique link between tradition and modernity. AMA designs are distinctive and very much themselves.

The timeless cuts of our pieces perfectly fit into your everyday life in a variety of ways and our expressive design ideas allow you to stand out from the crowd. They are the sustainable must-haves in your wardrobe which you can recombine and make you own: Your way to express your zest for life – the highlights in your wardrobe.

True to our motto “Always slow fashion. And always special,” we design high-quality fashion that is fun – and guilt-free. During production, we pay close attention to the working conditions of our knitters and pay them fair wages. Here you can learn more about our team in Peru. We support the Peruvian handcraft tradition and produce using the locally available resources. Follow this link for further exciting details about knitting. All garments are manufactured according to the Zero Waste principle. That means they are knitted exactly to size – without any off cuts. This helps us to avoid waste and left-over materials. Any yarn left over is used to produce the next ANNAMARIAANGELIKA piece and is then completely recycled. The occasionally deviating colours give our products even greater individuality and make your favourite piece truly one-of-a-kind.


Looking for mass production and industrial manufacturing? Look no more, you will not find it here. ANNAMARIAANGELIKA does not want to suggest that you have to own or buy lots of new pieces from season to season. Instead of rapidly changing trends, we focus on developing season-independent collections with a timeless feel so that you can enjoy your clothing for a long time. A promise of quality that is right at the heart of our brand. The top pieces of any season will remain in stock and our range is constantly extended by new designs.

We focus on the essentials: Appreciation of that which is good – and should stay that way!


ANNAMARIAANGELIKA’s slow fashion philosophy

We select the finest materials, so you can enjoy them for years to come. We grant our skilled knitters in Peru good working conditions and the necessary time to produce fashion of exceptional quality. No rush, no chasing of short-lived trends. We love what we do. And we celebrate it all: the people, the places and the many inspiring moments that bring our colourful designs to life.

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