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The knitwear collections created by ANNAMARIAANGELIKA are heavily influenced by Peru’s traditional variety of colours and patterns. Even as a child, AMA fashion designer Julia was enthusiastic about the diversity of Andean landscapes she encountered in books. This gave her a lifelong curiosity for South America.

For some reason Julia herself cannot properly explain, Peru has always been especially fascinating to her. The fact that it lies at the foot of the Andes – the inspiration for so much of her wanderlust as a child – must certainly be a part of it. Another might also be that Peruvians have an extraordinary passion for colour.

It is obvious that Julia has always drawn her inspiration from Peru’s traditions, culture and nature. That now allows her to fulfil her childhood dreams by creating fashion that reflects the creative connection she has to this country.


ANNAMARIAANGELIKA’s slow fashion philosophy

We select the finest materials, so you can enjoy them for years to come. We grant our skilled knitters in Peru good working conditions and the necessary time to produce fashion of exceptional quality. No rush, no chasing of short-lived trends. We love what we do. And we celebrate it all: the people, the places and the many inspiring moments that bring our colourful designs to life.

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