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Our slow fashion label ANNAMARIAANGLIKA is based in Berlin, which is also where AMA designer Julia has her studio. Coincidence? Not really. Berlin, after all, is the place to be when it comes to sustainable fashion.

Not only is Berlin the home of green and ethical fashion shows and a range of sustainable labels, but also a place where creative minds and lateral thinkers can pursue their dreams. In a word: The perfect space for Julia to get inspired and jot down initial ideas for new designs, which can then be turned into rough patterns.

The great thing about Berlin: It is okay to be colourful, loud and different. And so we at AMA also feel free to be different and multi-coloured. And most importantly, within an industry that is ever accelerating, we are allowed remain true to our principles and take it slow.


ANNAMARIAANGELIKA’s slow fashion philosophy

We select the finest materials, so you can enjoy them for years to come. We grant our skilled knitters in Peru good working conditions and the necessary time to produce fashion of exceptional quality. No rush, no chasing of short-lived trends. We love what we do. And we celebrate it all: the people, the places and the many inspiring moments that bring our colourful designs to life.

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