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For us at ANNAMARIAANGELIKA, the alpacas represent far more than just the Andes and Peru. They stand for origins, tradition, liveliness and being in harmony with nature. Within the intact Andean landscape, alpacas roam free in all weathers. And while it is sturdy in order to cope with the rough the climate, alpaca wool is actually very smooth and supple. Once it has been worked into a garment, it is a pleasure to wear on your skin.

And so even our alpaca wool is allowed to take it slow – in line with the slow fashion philosophy. Generally, alpacas are shorn only once in a year or in alternate years.



Large and wide eyes. Shaggy and soft fleece. And an adorable and benign character. That is what alpacas are like: Cute humpless camelids with wool that is known as the “fleece of the gods”. However, when it comes to sorting out the pecking order, when they feel threatened or are in a bad mood, then you have better take cover, because even alpacas can have a mean streak. And then they spit!

Alpacas are special animals with particular needs. In Peru it is among others the Q’ero people that herd them. They are an ancient people and direct descendants of the Incas. To go and visit them and their alpaca herds, you have to make your way up to 5,000 metres into the high Andean valleys. At such heights is where alpacas feel most at home. If it was not for their herders, alpacas would climb for ever and never come down. The rich pastures further down are not much to their liking and the padding of their hoofs is also perfect and gentle to the landscape of the Peruvian highlands.

The animals are generally shorn in early summer. In order to make a living, the Indians sell some of the wool to merchants who then process it further. The rest the herders keep to be turned into clothing, blankets and the like.

With their fleeces, the alpacas give ANNAMARIAANGELIKA with a high-quality natural material.


ANNAMARIAANGELIKA’s slow fashion philosophy

We select the finest materials, so you can enjoy them for years to come. We grant our skilled knitters in Peru good working conditions and the necessary time to produce fashion of exceptional quality. No rush, no chasing of short-lived trends. We love what we do. And we celebrate it all: the people, the places and the many inspiring moments that bring our colourful designs to life.

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